Who are you?
Professor River Song, University of —
To me. Who are you to me?


It was…not love at first sight exactly, but - familiarity. Like: oh, hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you. Game over. {x}


and had more love in one heart than I could ever have in two. 


They’d done it for love, because that was the effect love had on you. It snuck up on you, it grabbed hold of you before you knew it, and then there was nothing you could do. Once you were in it - in love - you would be swept away, regardless. Or so the books had it. || [x]


Trust the plastic the f a t h e r.

Thanks, scruffyshezza, for the suggestion of the third gif ;)

Laura Innes directing S12E02 - “Nobody’s Baby”


The day’s coming when I’ll look into that man’s eyes…